Partnership Announcement: GrailPad x Decentr

3 min readJun 16, 2022

Today we are proud to announce a strategic and technical partnership with Decentr, a platform that creates a bridge between internet users and applications developed for the Web 3.0, an open-source platform, which enables users to manage and pay with Personal Data Value.

Decentr is building a suite of products with the Decentr Web Browser as the flagship. The browser aims to change the user’s relationship with their own personal data, which is currently extracted from users without any kind of compensation. Decentr allows users to control and receive value for sharing their data while browsing, which is secured by a blockchain-based Decentralized ID (DecID). The browser is also set to offer native integrations with Web3, offering a cryptocurrency wallet that allows interacting with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms.

As you know, GrailPad comes with the following solutions:

A Next-generation Accelerator: GrailPad’s next-generation accelerator is a futuristic accelerator that will catalyze innovative and emerging blockchain startups, serving as a one-stop accelerator for accelerating the growth of new blockchain projects.

A multi-chain IDO Launchpad: GrailPad’s multi-chain IDO launchpad will function as an IDO platform for investors to join exclusive initial decentralized exchange offerings. GrailPad multichain launchpad will allow blockchain developers and start-ups to easily launch tokens built on any chain. GrailPad multi-chain launchpad would allow investors to participate in fair, secure, and guaranteed Initial Decentralized Exchange Offerings via its allocation methodology. Investors simply hold a required amount of $GRAIL tokens and take part in the whitelisting process to be guaranteed an allocation in the IDO.

A multi-chain AMM DEX: GrailPad’s Multi-chain Automated Market Maker (AMM) Decentralized Exchange is a blockchain-based liquidity protocol that would aggregate liquidity from a wide range of reserves, powering instant and safe token exchange in any decentralized application.

A multi-chain Bridge: GrailPad Bridge Tokens are specialized tokens that can be transferred rollup-to-rollup in batches and act as intermediary assets in the GrailPad platform. Each GrailPad Bridge Token represents a deposit in the GrailPad Bridge contract.

The partnership

Through this partnership, both GrailPad and Decentr will help each other to give the marketing boost and introduce our teams to other DeFi and Launchpad platforms for future collaborations.

This cooperation is definitely beneficial to GrailPad and Decentr in terms of building their community as well as achieving both companies’ missions of ensuring the blockchain industry and we are excited to grow and flourish together with Decentr.

Also, GrailPad as all-in-one platform to include a multi-tier fundraising, new projects acceleration, multi-chain bridge, and AMM-DEX, aims to build a comprehensive and inclusive ecosystem. This could not be achieved without help of pioneer projects in the industry. To make it more flowless and perfect, Web3 browser feels missing in the GrailPad ecosystem. With the help of Decentr, GrailPad will be able to fill the gap and integrate the Decentr’s Web3 browser into the all-in-one platform.

About Decentr

Decentr is a foundational open source decentralised web browser and web3.0 solution that captures the value of secure user data and returns this value as payable, data-backed “currency” to the user. The DEC token is the building block of the entire Decentr Deconomy.

Decentr’s “data-as-value” paradigm means users see a correlated decrease in the cost of products and services bought online, via Decentr and their “dPay” system, while at the same providing superior APR’s on consumer crypto loans made via users dWallet and Decentr’s consumer crypto dLoan features.

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About GrailPad

GrailPad is a permissionless DEX built for cross-chain token pools and auctions, enabling projects to raise capital on a decentralized and interoperable environment based on its own ecosystem. With GrailPad, decentralized projects will be able to raise and exchange capital cheap and fast. Users will be able to participate in a secure and compliant environment and to use assets that go through our portal in BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Ethereum and Solana.

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