GrailPad Sticker Contest Announcement (Event 3)

3 min readDec 9, 2021


We have an exciting competition for you, Reaching out to all sticker lovers…!
We need the community to get creative because we are excited to announce our sticker competition! If you are an artist, or one of your friends is — use or send the link to this post!

Deadline for submissions: 20th of December, 23:59 UTC

The Rewards

What’s a competition without rewards? These rewards are tailored to any aspiring artist so that he/she can get more recognition for their art work and also see the work actively being used in our telegram group.

1️⃣st place wins 400 USDT

2️⃣nd place wins 200 USDT

3️⃣rd place wins 100 USDT

  • Artist recognition. We will tweet your handle and the winning stickers. Great promotion for our designers paired with a good financial reward!
  • Your stickers will be featured in all the GraiPad chats.
  • In the future we might ask you to make more stickers for us on a structural basis (paid).

How to Enter

Entering the competition will be easy, having a design that stands out will be the real challenge! In order to compete, you have 2 ways to send your sticker pack.

  1. As a single Imgur post and e-mail the link to the album to with the title “Sticker competition”.
  2. Send to the on Telegram.


In order to make the sticker competition a success, we have to set some rules:

  • The image format must be transparent.
  • Resolution of sticker must be 512 x 512px.
  • No NSFW stickers, keep it family-friendly.
  • It has to be your original work. You have to be the owner of the stickers in order to compete.
  • Not having any inspiration? Take a look here.
  • Sticker sets with GrailPad’s brand will have a higher chance of winning.

That should do it for now! We will pick the winners within 10 days after the competition ends. We are very excited to see what you guys can come up with and wish you the best of luck in the competition.


By submitting your entry, you agree that GrailPad has the exclusive right to redistribute your work in perpetuity, and GrailPad also reserves the right to use your entry in the GrailPad Telegram Chat and other materials as GrailPad or the community sees fit.
All rights to the work will be automatically transferred to GrailPad and owned solely by GrailPad and may be trademarked by GrailPad. You will not have any further rights to the work and GrailPad will not have any liability to you.

About GrailPad

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