GrailPad Gamified Testnet Announcement

Getting started

(1) In order to use GrailPad — or any other app that is hosted on a blockchain (i.e. a ‘dApp’) — you must be able to interact with the respective smart contracts. Metamask is a browser extension and wallet that makes it easy to access the blockchain dApp ecosystem.

→ Learn how to: install Metamask:

(2) It’s important to keep in mind that your secret recovery phrase is much more important than the password you set when creating your Metamask account. This phrase is made up out of 12 randomly generated words, which constitute your master password.

→ Learn more about your: secret recovery phrase:

(3) Do not share your secret recovery phrase with anyone. You should also back it up, ideally on different mediums (i.e. saved in a password manager, written on a piece of paper, ..) and store it in a safe place.

→ Learn more about: best practices of using Metamask.

Using GrailPad

GrailPad is a permissionless DEX built for cross-chain token pools and auctions, enabling projects to raise capital on a decentralized and interoperable environment based on its own ecosystem. With GrailPad, decentralized projects will be able to raise and exchange capital cheap and fast. Users will be able to participate in a secure and compliant environment and to use assets that go through our portal in BSC, Polygon, Solana, Ethereum and Avalanche. To understand how the mechanisms work you may read the whitepaper.

→ Learn more about GrailPad.

GrailPad is currently still being built and tested. For that purpose, we constructed a gamified test-product, which operates using make-believe money for the purposes of testing. This early version operates on the Ropsten Testnet of Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain Testnet. As of now, multiple testnet stages are scheduled and the first is live. Each stage is made up of several sub-tasks. The goal was to create an environment where it is easy and fun to explore the GrailPad mechanisms which is a fair multichain launch.

Path to Mainnet

This beta release precedes the mainnet release. Everyone is invited to create or join pools in the Ropsten and BSC testnet networks for this test phase. The more data and feedback we collect helps us make our major step towards mainnet release. As we did in the alpha phase, a GRAIL smart contract is available in 2 different testnet. It sends 10000 fake GRAIL to anyone who wants to try the system.

Mainnet is expected to launch in December. We will start with some selected staking partners, ending up by opening up the system for any developer to create IDO pools in a fully decentralized way at the ending steps of our roadmap.

Join the GrailPad testnet

Step 1: Get started by going to

  1. Connect your wallet

2. Choose MetaMask

3. You will receive an error message, saying “You are connected to a different network, or contract not deployed » Click here to switch to Binance Smart Chain Testnet or Ropsten testnet.” So Please use BSC testnet or Ropsten testnet.

4. Click on the list of extensions in your browser and look for Metamask.

5. Once you clicked on Metamask, select the network by clicking on the currently selected “Ethereum Mainnet”.

6. In the drop-down list select “Ropsten or BSC Test Network” or “BSC testnet” if there was not,

  • In Metamask, go to “Settings”, “Advance”, then “Show test networks” and select Ropsten Test Network and you are ready to go for Ropsten Ethereum testnet.
  • In Metamask, go to “Settings”, “Advance”, then “Show test networks” and select BSC Testnet or in network click add network then:

Step 2: Get testnet tokens

7. Copy your address and post a tweet like this for Ethereum Testnet and this for BSC Testnet, replacing “0x…” with your address.

Step 3: Participate in our stages

8. Then you can get Ropsten ETH for transactions fee through below faucets:

and also, you can get BSC Testnet BNB for transactions fee through below faucet:

To participate in our gamified testnet, follow these stage instructions.


Most of the contextual information about Stage 1 stated in the instructions below.

Step 1:

Simply go to and choose between Ropsten or BSC testnet.

Step 2:

Enter the amount you want to Stake and lock time.

Step 3:

Approve your tokens and click “Create Stake”.

Step 4:

Stay Tuned …

What can I do next?

Follow us on Twitter @Grailpad_io and retweet about GrailPad’s multi-stage gamification.

Read about GrailPad in our WhitePaper!

For more information about GrailPad, please visit:








The Premier Multi-Chain IDO Platform, Empowering Launchpad Projects To Raise Liquidity In Affair And Decentralized Manner.

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The Premier Multi-Chain IDO Platform, Empowering Launchpad Projects To Raise Liquidity In Affair And Decentralized Manner.

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