GRAIL Contracts on Polygon and BSC

2 min readApr 18, 2022

📋 The new tokens uses innovative Tokenomics and smart contracts to give users options to generate dividends. As you may know the GRAIL previous token contract on BSC had been using EIP1167 proxies. proxy pattern also introduces a different attack vector to the system. For EIP1167 proxies, trust is minimized since the address they point to is hardcoded in bytecode. But, if the reference contract is not permanent, some problems may happen.

You might ever hear of parity multisig wallet hack. There are multiple proxies (not EIP1167) that refer to the same implementation. However, the wallet has a self-destruct function, which empties both the storage and the code of a contract. Unfortunately, there was a bug in Parity wallet’s access control and someone accidentally gained the ownership of the original implementation. That did not directly steal assets from other parity wallets, but then the hacker deleted the original implementation, making all the remaining wallets a shell without functionality, and lock assets in it forever.

Also, to implement the multi-signature ownership instead of traditional single wallet control (as a major technical issue) and also the innovative tech-features to prevent market fluctuations and overall smart controls for mass distributions, The smart contract address of GRAIL Token will be changed, and the old currency of GRAIL will be replaced with new one of GRAIL on both BSC and Polygon networks. Please note that the old BSC contract renounced to prevent any further problems.

In order to move closer to going live and sending out public tokens to all participants in the next week both contracts will be live till the distribution event. The rewards are not tradable until TGE.

The Tokens released into the circulating supply on the Token Distribution Event will be according to the release and vesting schedule as stated in GrailPad Tokenomics, the Preround and Unlocked rounds, as well as any other social media giveaways, will be included. Please stay connected to official GrailPad social media for the exact date of distribution, public sale and TGE.

Please pay attention to the latest announcement. Thank you for your support and understanding!

New contract address of GRAIL on both BSC and Polygon networks:

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